A downloadable game

a story-driven, 2D sidescroller 
set somewhere in South America

(early development)


La Carga an atmospheric 2D sidescroller that draws from Colombian environments and folklore. Lliterally meaning 'The Load', it is a game about a young woman climbing to a sacred place on a mountain while carrying a loved one.

Stories told within video games still aren’t as diverse as we would like them to be, and with La Carga, we hope to contribute to the prevalence of underrepresented narratives in our beloved medium.

Gameplay & Features

  • La Carga's gameplay revolves around solving environmental puzzles and navigating across the environment in order to proceed. We don't want the game to be overly challenging however, so we'll keep the gameplay casual but interesting
  • Our focus is on storytelling, and we aim to achieve this through detailed animations, environmental storytelling, sound, and the puzzles and mechanics in the game.
  • We have a strong focus on creating a highly atmospheric environment.
  • Colombian ecosystems are our main inspiration for La Carga's environments.


  • We envision the complete experience to be no longer than one-two hours, with target platforms mobile and PC
  • We are considering releasing an early version on itch.io refinery, and will communicate this when we do!

Thank you for your interest in La Carga,

@JuanUseche_illu & @linsey_ray


Development log